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Warhammer Fantasy


Beast of Chaos | Knights of Brettonia | Daemons of Chaos
Intr-o lume a legendelor, eroii conduc armatele proprii impotriva intunericului.
Warhammer 40000


Daemons of Chaos | Chaos Space Marines
In intunericul nemilos al viitorului, razboiul domina... detalii.
Lord of the rings


Gondor and Arnor | Kingdom of Rohan
Intra in batalia pentru posesia "inelului". detalii.


Battleflet Gothic
In secolul 41, razboiul se duce in galaxie. detalii.


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My models
Tau Hammerhead Gunship Tau Hammerhead Gunship
The Hammerhead is the main battle tank of the Tau army. Many Imperial tank crews have learned the hard way how deadly its main weapons can be. This boxed set contains 1 multi-part plastic Tau Hammerhead Gunship. It can be assembled with either an ion-cannon or a railgun. There is also a variety of optional ...
Dark Eldar with Dark Lance Dark Eldar with Dark Lance
Dark Eldar Warriors attack rapidly, killing or crippling those who oppose them. They then drag off any survivors back to Commorragh to be tortured and killed at leisure....
Tau Ethereal with Hand Weapons Tau Ethereal with Hand Weapons
Led by the mysterious Ethereals and accompanied by alien allies whose cultures have been subsumed in their empire, the Tau believe that the very stars themselves will be reforged in the cause of the Greater Good....
Space Marine Sternguard Veterans Space Marine Sternguard Veterans
Sternguard veterans deploy wherever the battleline is most vulnerable, facing down the most impossible odds with icy calm and precise bursts of bolter fire. They are the very image of what every Space Marine aspires to become, and the pinnacle of any Chapter's fighting force. This box set contains five ...

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