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Warhammer Fantasy


Beast of Chaos | Knights of Brettonia | Daemons of Chaos
Intr-o lume a legendelor, eroii conduc armatele proprii impotriva intunericului.
Warhammer 40000


Daemons of Chaos | Chaos Space Marines
In intunericul nemilos al viitorului, razboiul domina... detalii.
Lord of the rings


Gondor and Arnor | Kingdom of Rohan
Intra in batalia pentru posesia "inelului". detalii.


Battleflet Gothic
In secolul 41, razboiul se duce in galaxie. detalii.


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My models
Huron Blackheart - Master of the Red Corsairs Huron Blackheart - Master of the Red Corsairs
Lufgt Huron, Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, Tyrant of Badab -- Huron Blackheart, Master of the Red Corsairs, Lord of the Maelstrom, the Blood Reaver. Two insane and power-hungry enemies of the Imperium at different times -- one and the same individual. Armed with the formidable Tyrant's Claw and ...
Necron Destroyer Necron Destroyer
Destroyers are a heavily altered form of the Necron Immortal. Their torso is fused to a skimming flyer enabling them to attack faster and further than the Immortals. This box contains one plastic Necron Destroyer armed with a gauss cannon. Model supplied with a large flying ba...
Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
Those Fire warriors who prove themselves in battle earn the right to wear a battlesuit and bear the name of Shas'ui. The best and bravest may be honoured by being elevated to become a bodyguard for the army commander...
Space Marine Sternguard Veteran with Boltgun 3 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran with Boltgun 3
Sternguard veterans deploy wherever the battleline is most vulnerable, facing down the most impossible odds with icy calm and precise bursts of bolter fire. They are the very image of what every Space Marine aspires to become, and the pinnacle of any Chapter's fighting force. This blister contains one ...

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