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Warhammer Fantasy


Beast of Chaos | Knights of Brettonia | Daemons of Chaos
Intr-o lume a legendelor, eroii conduc armatele proprii impotriva intunericului.
Warhammer 40000


Daemons of Chaos | Chaos Space Marines
In intunericul nemilos al viitorului, razboiul domina... detalii.
Lord of the rings


Gondor and Arnor | Kingdom of Rohan
Intra in batalia pentru posesia "inelului". detalii.


Battleflet Gothic
In secolul 41, razboiul se duce in galaxie. detalii.


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My models
Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors Warsmith Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors Warsmith
With their skills at fighting sieges, the Iron Warriors Warsmiths are amongst the greatest tacticians in the galaxy. They are technically gifted and have the equipment to accompany their skills. Only Iron warriors armies may include a Warsmith as its Chaos Lord....
Space Marine Techmarine with Bolt Pistol Space Marine Techmarine with Bolt Pistol
ncient pacts sworn between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Astartes allow the Space Marines to send those warriors with an affinity for technology to Mars to train and begin the long, arduous journey of becoming a priest of the Machine God. Without the passing on of such ancient lore, the Space ...
Daemonhunters Callidus Assassin 2 Daemonhunters Callidus Assassin 2
The Callidus Temple is the most subtle of the ancient hidden temples of the Officio Assassinorum, specialising in the artful deception of the enemies of the Imperium. A Callidus Assassin gets close to enemy commanders or powerful psykers, influencing their strategy and finally killing them when the ...
Witch Hunter Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol Witch Hunter Inquisitor with Inferno Pistol
The Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus are the watchmen of Humanity, tasked with rooting out the blight of heresy, mutation and treachery....

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